As Yahoo! continues the overhaul journey it was apparently time for the homepage to get a facelift.

But what do we want from a homepage? Do we even need them?

The Yahoo! mail mobile app had major cosmetic surgery recently; they also churned out an interesting Weather app for mobile devices -- it was only a matter of time before the Yahoo homepage received an update.

Rather than critique the home page, I am more curious about the need for one.

Five years ago I might well have set the landing page for my browser to something interesting, but now I don't really have a default page.

My browser homepage is set to blank. I use the omnibar (location bar) in the browser to enter search terms or find bookmarks. I have a selection of core websites I visit daily (or several times a day) to feed my desire for current information and knowledge. I discover new sites by searching for topics. Other discoveries are generated via social media.

So why do I need a home page?

Yahoo clearly feel there is a need for one. It appears slicker, more refined and clean, with the latest news, weather, stock quotes, horoscopes, pictures -- none of this is new or groundbreaking.

The updated Yahoo home page

The updated Yahoo home page

I'm curious about your setup. Do you actually use a homepage? Does the Yahoo homepage interest you?

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