Wordpress is arguably one of the most popular web tools used to create blogs and websites. Updates are churned out regularly to fix a variety of issues and add more features, however version 3.7 is an important update.

It is the first version to support automatic updates for security and maintenance releases.

One should never underestimate the importance of security updates in any software. Generally the updates address flaws in the system which would allow a hacker to gain control or your app.

It is estimated that Wordpress is used by about 25% of websites around the globe so it is an attractive target for hackers. If you are not up to date a hacker may try and exploit known issues to gain control.

If you self-host Wordpress you should update to 3.7 today and hopefully future updates will keep you safe automatically. Those on shared hosting should encourage their host provider to update the software as soon as possible.

More details about 3.7 on the WordPress blog.

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