As if there was not enough evidence that the seedy world of Patents needs over-hauling, another bizarre case has appeared in America.

Innovatio IP Ventures in Delaware, USA is now pursing litigation for a number of Wifi patents based around ideas in the late 1990's from Robert Meier and Ronald Mahany who were developers at companies eventually purchased by the Broadcom Corporation.  The patents have transferred several times since then but are with Innovatio since late February 2011.

Innovatio immediately set to work seeking financial settlement from businesses offering wireless access to customers.  Initially they targeted Coffee Shops and restaurants but are now aiming at Hotel chains.  In between all this Cisco and Motorola stepped in to file a complaint asking that the patents be invalidated.

Innovatio are seeking one-off payments of up to $5,000 (US) from hotel chains and coffee shops.

One has to wonder where this will all end?  Will they eventually pursue individual users of Wifi?  Is this the new 'game', suing the users of  technology rather than its manufacturers?

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