Over the weekend theOnlyCog website received an under-the-hood refresh, with a change in the blogging software. The ultimate aim was to give me greater flexibility with the site, and hopefully deliver you a better reading experience.

It's quite possible you didn't even notice the change -- I worked hard to ensure the initial look and feel was the same as the previous version.

Now that I have completed the migration the first thing I wanted to do was deliver a better mobile experience. Most sites already do this, but you end up with a look that is nothing like the desktop version. I wanted to be different; the mobile site looks almost like the full desktop version, however the fluff is removed. You can now concentrate on the content of the site and the screen is not reduced by the right hand panel.

Below is an example of the two versions.

The new layout

The new layout

The more eagle-eyed amongst you might notice a subtle change in the social medial buttons within an article. These are now simple 'share' buttons. The previous version also displayed the number of shares and likes, however this counting process slowed down page loading while it contacted each social network for the information.

I've also added a tiny scroll to top button on the bottom right when you move down the page. Great when you are on a tablet/mobile :-)

I hope you find the experience enjoyable. I welcome your feedback and suggestions for future improvements.

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