Vlingo is tagged as "your intelligent virtual assistant" -- that's quite a general statement so I will define it as a voice recognition tool for your mobile.

In recent weeks there has been a lot of blogging words committed to Siri for Apple's iPhone 4S but Vlingo covers a greater range of platforms.  A colleague gave me a heads up to the App a few days ago and since then I had a quick 'play' with it but not much else.

While this is not a review of the product, I will say it is actually a decent tool.  You can speak to your mobile device and interact with Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, the phone, or Google searches.  In my limited testing I was quite impressed.

What does interest me however is the integration with the new Samsung SII mobile.  It's not entirely clear just how much more work Vlingo did to enhance their app for the SII but at the very least the only button on the SII is now Vlingo enabled so you can double click on it and Vlingo is ready to serve you.

Sounds great but the user community has other ideas and I read of people frustrated by the fact it can not be turned off.  Did Samsung give this any thought before rushing it out the door?  Did they even field test it with real users?  I'm guessing not.  Samsung only announced their partnership with Vlingo four weeks before the SII was launched.

Samsung and Vlingo have yet to respond to users concerns!

Vlingo is available on most BlackBerry phones, Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phones, Nokia phones and select Windows Mobile devices.  It's worth checking the demo and maybe even trying the app.

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