Virgin Media have today confirmed they will deliver a 'TV Anywhere' service to UK customers. The concept is nothing new, and Virgin are very late to the party in delivering the service.  BBC iPlayer must be the most successful service, with a host of others now realising this is a big market.

As is often the case with Virgin announcements, details are sketchy; dates are very non specific; everything could change in a heart beat.  However for now the idea is non-revolutionary in so far as around 30 channels will be made available live, along with thousands of hours of catch up offerings.

It will be available via a web interface or limited mobile devices.  Virgin Media customers using the TiVo service will get some extra bells and whistles including the ability to use their mobile device as a remote control and record programs remotely.

Confusingly there seem to be a host of limitations -- it appears that the iPad app will only be available to TiVo customers (no mention if this is the complete App or only the remote control section); there's no mention of Mac or Linux support, only a "PC browser"; an Android app is scheduled for early 2013!

The service is expected Autumn 2012 at no additional cost to subscribers.

VirginMedia TV Anywhere, iPad Remote interface!


UPDATE: TV Anywhere is launched

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