Twitter logoThe official Twitter blog announced two new features.One has been much requested, the other a surprise to most, but still a useful feature:

Abuse reporting and Conversation tracking.

The ability to easily report abusive tweets has seen a massive amount of press coverage recently. Twitter promised to address concerns and are delivering a button to report specific tweets for abuse. How this will differ from the 'Report' option to block and allegedly report a user to Twitter is beyond me. One would assume that the report option resulted in someone looking at the users activity. If not, what does it do? Will the new 'abuse' button get human attention each time?

Also today, Twitter announced a new feature to keep track of a conversation. You will see a blue bar linking the main tweet to a group of replies from people you follow; click the bar to see all of the conversation. Personally I like the idea as I often wish to see how a tweet developed. Many other Twitter apps have offered this feature so I guess it was time for the official app to get there too. The offical Twitter blog announces each feature; most of the announcement is given over to conversation tracking; there are two sentences to the 'User safety' feature!

What I find interesting, perhaps staggering, is the roll out. The conversation enhancement is available now (on all platforms), yet the 'abuse button' is being rolled out gradually. It is on the iOS version but no sign of it on the web, or Android App yet.

How is it possible to do a full and immediately rollout of a surprise new feature, yet impossible to push out a much requested one? Twitter, I deplore your priorities.

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