Twitter has been on a bit of a downward spiral with its user count, however the blue bird is fighting back and rolling out features we are all desperate for, apparently.

Some of these feature just appear without much fanfare; when it's a privacy setting I much prefer to be told!

The most recent updates relate to photos and tagging but your privacy is not their top priority.

The two photo features rolling out are:

  • The ability to tag people in a photo. Not a new concept for any social network, but new to Twitter. However the interesting part is that the tagged people are not mentioned in the twitter message directly, which means it does not eat into your 140 character limit. This is the first major feature that changes the fundamental infrastructure of Twitter messaging

  • Until now each Tweet could contain one image; going forward you will be able to upload four. Twitter will automatically produce a collage and attach it as one image.

The privacy concern relates to the tagging -- by default your new privacy setting is set to allow anyone to tag you.

I can see spammers tagging people randomly to generate tweets!

Perhaps more prudent to have this set to only allow people you follow to tag you, or maybe not at all.

The new setting is adjustable under Security & Privacy on the web interface.

Photo tagging privacy option in Twitter

Photo tagging privacy option in Twitter

The iOS and Andorid apps also have the ability to adjust this.

Go make your change....

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