Apparently it came as no surprise to investors that Twitter posted a massive loss for 2013.

Just three months after floating on the New York stock Exchange it announced a massive loss of $645m (£396m)!

This loss is against income of $665m - a rise of 110%.

The figures are huge, but what surprises me is how the company can possibly have been valued at $18bn.

I'm a simple guy and I fail to see why investors would buy stock in a firm who was on target to announce this kind of loss. Twitter has also yet to make a profit since lunch in 2006 -- why would someone invest?!

Twitter seem relatively unshaken by the news -- although their share price did plunge 12% just after the financials were published.

For me it says much about what is wrong with our global economy. Investors and banks are funding Twitter to the tune of over half a billion dollars in the hope it will some day make a profit.

Quite how Twitter will ever turn this around is a mystery. Unlike Facebook, Google+ and so many other social media sites, Twitter knows almost nothing about its 240+ million monthly users. Targeted advertising is the usual business model, but just how targeted can Twitter be?

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