Telefónica (parent company to O2 UK) have today announced the immediately availability of TU Me, a mobile application allowing smartphone users to make calls, send pictures and text messages via the mobile data network or Wi-Fi.

Initially the TU Me App is only available to iPhone users worldwide, however Telefónica have committed to delivering an Android app to the market soon.

Perhaps uniquely, Tu Me is available to all iPhoneâs, regardless of their network operator â a shred move by Telefónica.  There will be no financial gain from users on other networks but they will take their share of your data allowance on their network.  If the call is handled via WiFi there is no impact on your mobile data allowance.

Setup is as simple as downloading the App from the Apple store, entering your phone number and a pin number it will send via text.  Once installed you are asked if the App can have a quick look at your address book to see if any of your contacts are already using TU Me â they are refreshingly open about what information they are examining and storing during this process.

During day to day use all communications with a contact are stored in a timeline so you see all calls, texts, photos, location info in sequence.

Itâs clear that the mobile market is changing and people are perhaps sending fewer traditional text messages and making fewer voice calls in favour of other methods of communication.  Tu Me is an interesting step for Telefónica as they attempt to adapt to how we use our mobiles, and they seek to tap into that revenue stream.

Tu Me will only become a success when it supports multi-platforms --  Android being the obvious choice, and I am sure eagerly awaited.  Blackberry and Windows phones are being considered too.

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