three logoThree, the mobile phone network, clearly not content with announcing that their forthcoming 4G network will incur no additional costs, today announced 'Feel at Home'.

Three's latest initiative was announced in the official blog and effectively drops international roaming chargers for Three customers in seven countries.

Three are offering 'Feel at Home' in Australia, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Hong Kong and the Republic of Ireland. Contract and Pay-as-you-Go customers will attached to any local network in those countries and continue on their current tariff package as if back in the UK. Calls/texts to the UK will use the normal UK allowance, as will data; calls/texts to international devices, including the 'Feel at Home' country will incur the normal Three charges.

There are a few limitations, including:

  • You can’t use your phone to tether while you’re abroad.
  • If you don’t use your phone in the UK at all for three months in a 12 month period, you won’t be able to use your phone abroad anymore.
  • If you use more than 25GB of data, 5000 texts or 3000 minutes per month in any two months within a year, you may be blocked from using these services.

Full details on the Three 'Feel at Home' page.

Three are certainly making some bold, and interesting, decisions which will hopefully shake-up a rather stagnant mobile network.  

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