I am purposely avoiding reporting on the iPhone 5 launch as there have been millions of words on the topic already.  Suffice to say there were no surprises, and everything was leaked.

Today I simply touch on the new Lightning connector being introduced on the iPhone/iPod range.  It's great that Apple have shrunk the size of their connector -- they openly admit more is done wirelessly so the cable can be smaller (with less pins), yet rather than adopt the near global standard of the microUSB connector they chose to churn out their own proprietary connection.

From Apple's perspective this is a perfection solution -- they own the patents on this so will license its use to all 3rd party hardware manufactures now scrambling to adjust hardware.  Naturally there is an adapter to convert the larger connection of a dock down to the Lightning connection.

Apple have also released an adapter to convert micro USB to lightning to comply with EU regulations that all Smart Phones must have a micro USB connector (in an attempt to unify/reduce phone chargers).  I blogged about the same solution for their wide connector.

Changing the connector is a win-win situation for Apple!

On a side note --  I had a small chuckle when there was no iPad mini announcement.  I never thought for one second there was going to be but so many people were trying to convince us otherwise with fake mock-ups (and some people fell for it too!)

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