A momentous day Readers -- the blog hit 10,000 views and I am delighted and humbled. I started this little blog having no idea how it would develop, or even if I would have any readers, and here we are just seven months later hitting, what I think is, an impressive milestone.

Ten thousand may not be a big number if I were a commercial blog but I am just one and I'm delighted. Hopefully you find the posts interesting?

Here are a few stats.....

  • 68 posts with 48 comments -- people should comment more as I am sure we all have an opinion. I'm always interested in other opinions.
  • The most popular page, apart from the home page, is 'Review: Fusion 4 or Parallels 7 ?' with 1,551 views
  • Second is 'Google+ Information and mis-conceptions' with 1,286.
  • The third most popular post is 'Quirks with iMessage, Photo Stream and Siri' with 726 reads; surprising as I only wrote it 8 days ago whereas number 1 and 2 have been around a lot longer.
  • My least read page is the Privacy Policy with only two reads. Clearly no one really cares!
  • The most popular search terms to land on the blog are 'Google+' and 'Siri'
  • The most bizarre search term was 'vinegar ingredients' -- I have no idea how or why that one hit the site!!!

I look forward to the next ten thousand reads and continuing to provide an interesting read. Don't forget to follow the blog on Twitter or Facebook to get notification of new articles.

(Now at 10,032 reads!)


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