If you use an iPhone or iPad you have probably not heard of SwiftKey. If you are on Android you really need SwiftKey in your life.

SwiftKey is a truly amazing onscreen keyboard for Android devices.

Today the technology hits iOS, in a unique way.

Apple do not allow core services to be replaced; the onscreen keyboard is a classic example. On Android there are several very good keyboard alternatives and SwiftKey, in my opinion, is the best.

In summary SwiftKey has incredible auto correction and predictive algorithms giving you a helping hand as you bash the tiny screen keys with your huge fingers! It learns from your mistakes but more importantly remembers your commonly connected words and phrases.

A trivial example: if I type the start of my address it will suggest the next word (my town) and then my postcode. If I often type 'John and Mary' it will suggest 'and' then 'Mary' when I type John. It's always learning and adapting.

Until now iOS users have been missing out. Today SwiftKey have announced SwiftKey Note.

It is not a keyboard replacement for the iPhone/iPad, but a note taking App -- crucially using the SwiftKey keyboard and intelligence.

If you are an iOS user who is fanatical about note taking this App is well worth the free download. It also integrates seamlessly with Evernote

SwiftKey Note intelligent suggestions

SwiftKey Note intelligent suggestions

SwiftKey Note for iOS is available from the App Store for Free.

Android users are encouraged to check out the full SwiftKey experience from the Google Play store -- there is a 30 day trial

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