Back in July there was an announcement that Spotify and Virgin would be joining together to offer a music services to Virgin Media customers.  Today the announcement becomes a reality.

Virgin are offering Spotify Premium as part of your Virgin media broadband or mobile contract.

The package on offer is slightly different from anticipated -- initially Virgin were saying the £9.99 monthly cost from Spotify would be less.

Basically, anyone signing up to a 12 month cable broadband package (or any existing customer committing to a new year-long tie in) will receive free access to Spotify Premium for six months; equating to a £60 Spotify saving.    If you are an existing cable customer you can also receive three months of Spotify if you take out a new pay monthly mobile deal with Virgin.   At the end of the free months you can then pay the monthly £9.99 to continue on Spotify Premium (payable direct to Virgin media).

Additional services will be available on Virgin TV to those using the Virgin Tivo service, however there are no details beyond 'it is coming in a few weeks'.

So basically you get six months of free Spotify if you commit to twelve months with Virgin Media.  No reduced Spotify subscription as initially touted by Virgin

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