Spotify has today announced that mobile and tablet devices can now access the music catalog for free.

Previously, mobile access was limited to premium (paid) accounts, however all devices can now stream music, interspersed with adverts (much like the free PC desktop version)

The new services allows you to listen to Playlists you have created, or those shared with you. Alternatively select an artist and listen to their music.

Interestingly, the music you selected will be 'shuffled' and will contain some short adverts.

The music is streamed so requires an internet connection -- downloading of music for offline listening with no adverts is restricted to premium accounts.

The new 'Shuffle Play' feature is available on Spotify Apps for iOS and Android.

Spotify last week said it has paid out $1 billion to musicians since 2009. Based on their current playback numbers this means an artist receives $1 when a track has been played around 160 times.

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