Spotify and Virgin Media have announced the launch of a partnership offering the complete Spotify music catalog of 13 million tracks to Virgin Media customers (around 4 Million).

Details are limited at the moment, however it is believed that Virgin will offer the service as part of a subscription bundle with it's TV/Broadband service and have went as far as to say it will be less than the £9.99 subscription offered by Spotify. The service should be available by the end of the year.

This is not Virgin Media's first attempt at a streaming music service and they have promised a number of 'coming soon' efforts in the past.  The more memorable one being the deal for unlimited music downloads with Universal Music, announced late 2009, never launched.

Spotify currently offers music streaming to computers and some mobile devices and has around 1 million paying customers.  Currently only available in Sweden, Spain, Norway, Finland, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom there are rumours of much anticipated US launch.

The Virgin Media deal is for an initial two years.

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