I'm sure we all guessed the inevitable writing on the wall, but the hard facts confirm it now -- people use their smartphones for snapping pictures far more than compact digital cameras.

In 2011 sales of compact cameras fell by around 30% while smartphone sales rocketed.

When Apple launched the iPhone 4 in summer of 2011 it very quickly became the most popular camera used for photos submitted to flickr -- of course this has a lot to do with the convenience factor too.  Most people carry their phone and if it has a good camera and can instantly upload to your favourite website then it just makes sense that you would use a smartphone.

The Nikon D90 and Canon EOS 5D seem to be fighting for second place as the most popular "camera" on Flickr.

In addition, it is interesting to note that in the top 5 smartphones, Apple holds the first four positions

Personally I still feel there is a place in the market for a good compact camera.  Manufacturers are now including lots of new features in the latest models -- 3D, waterproofing, better lenses, etc.    I use my phone to take quick and dirty fun snaps; my compact camera for more appealing, yet spontaneous, shots; my DSLR for well composed and quality shots. That's not to say that you can not get excellent shots from a smartphone, but it is just how I work personally.  How do you?

On a side note Kodak appears to be on the edge of bankruptcy; clearly down to its inability to re-invent due to the demise of traditional camera film.  Which is ironic since Kodak built the first digital camera nearly 40 years ago

Full details on flickr.com camera usage here

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