Bing Siri Now that iOS7 is rolling out to devices, have you noticed the very subtle switch within Siri?

Apple do not  mention it anywhere online, but the search engine used by Siri is now from Microsoft, rather than Google.

It's well documented that Apple and Google are no longer chums and they continue to grow apart. By far the biggest, and most widely publicised move for Apple was the change from Google maps to their own mapping software. It was a technical and PR disaster and only now are Apple maps settling in, one year on.

It's difficult to spot the switch to Bing in Siri as a number of 'search engines' are used by Siri.  Both Yelp and WolframAlpha are consulted for specific facts but generic searches are thrown to the search engine.  Whereas Siri would show you a web page of Google results, it now shows its own layout but pulls from Bing - the only clue is the tiny Bing logo at the very bottom of the search results.

Siri showing bing use

There's no option to change the Siri engine back to Google however if you start a Siri command with "Google" it will use the Big G for the search.  Safari continues to default to your existing choice for search; if you 'Siri a search' then pop into Safari you are politely asked if you would like to switch to Bing for future Safari searches!

For most people this is not going to be a huge issue - it's just another interesting move in the game

Recent statistics from comScore show Google has 67% of the search market, while Bing has almost 18%

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