You may, or may not, know there are thousands of amateur weather enthusiasts around the globe.  Many of these people  have equipment in their back gardens dutifully collecting live data, and possibly uploading it to the internet for public consumption.  You will be surprised just how accurate the data is and if you are lucky enough to have a local station you will get excellent weather data -- far better than a more general country-wide forecast.

Mostly these sites are available via browsers, with some being enabled for smart browsers.

Step forward a stunning little iPhone app 'Under the Weather' from a weather enthusiast (and developer)  in New Zealand.  This is not the first iPhone weather app but what makes it unique is the ability to automatically gather data from both amateur and official weather station sources and present it in a consistent manner.

You need only type in your location to search for known stations, or even simpler click on the Nearby button and select the distance for a list of all local stations providing data.

The data is refreshed in some cases every 5 minutes giving you current conditions as well as historic data in tabular and graph format (temperature, rainfall, pressure, wind speed to name a few)

Currently there are just over 100 stations in the UK submitting data to the service;  400+ globally -- this figure is growing rapidly.

As a user you also have the opportunity to submit your own observation of the weather to be displayed on a local map.  If you are a weather enthusiast with your own station you can freely submit to the project too.

Full details are over at

The iPhone app is available now in the App Store for £1.49 and an Android version is coming soon.

PS -- Yes, I am an amateur weather enthusiast and I do have a weather station  :-)

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