It's not often I feel compelled to blog about something so trivial, but The Mu is one of those amazingly simply devices and you wonder why it was not 'invented' years ago.

The Mu USB Adapter is basically a USB charging plug.  Nothing staggering in itself, however what makes it game changing is the stunning design.

Most mobile phones and many other portable devices are now charged using a USB cable -- this plug into a PC or a power outlet.  A USB cable is relatively inoffensive in its size and can easily be thrown in a bag, however the power plug is very different, especially here in the UK with the three pin design.

The smallest USB charger I could find was for the Apple iPhone measuring 40x45x45mm -- effectively a box shape; awkward to carry in a small bag or carry case.

Now for the 'Mu' -- 14x55x60mm -- the key number here is the 14mm, indicating the slimmest part of the device, making it very easy to thrown in your pocket, bag, or carry case.  When you need to use it the ingenious design has two flaps which fold out and the bottom two pins of a UK plug swivel from vertical to horizontal -- one full size plug.  Marvellous!

The Mu is a little pricey for the mainstream market at £25 (plus £1 p&p), however I would have no hesitation in recommending it, especially if you travel frequently.  It is fully certified to comply with the British Safety standard (CE) and suitable for most USB charging devices.  I have tested it on a Blackberry, an HTC device, iPhones, iPad 1 & 2.

The Mu was developed by Min-Kyu Choi.  He joined forces with  Matthew Judkins and formed Made in Mind to bring the device, and hopefully other design innovations, to life.

The official Mu website has a great interactive image on the home page which you can drag around to see how it unfolds.  For my part, below is a picture of my iPhone charger and The Mu (on the left).

Now go order one :-)

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