Switches+ is a handy little app for your iOS 5 device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) giving you quick access to some of the more important features within the device Settings menu.

You can quickly adjust volume and brightness as well as pause and skip music tracks if something is currently playing.  In addition you have shortcuts to Airplane mode, Data usage stats, Bluetooth, Cellular Network, Location services, Personal Hotspots and Wifi.

That is really all there is to the App.  It takes you quickly to the appropriate settings page, where you can turn off and on the settings.  Airplane mode is the only exception -- clicking the icon will actually turn on Airplane mode.

It is an interesting little app and one I have now assigned to the first page of Apps on the iPhone.  It certainly saves me trawling through a few menus to get to a particular setting.

It would be nice to be able to actually toggle the services on/off from within the app, but perhaps this is an Apple restrictions within iOS.

We are now starting to see some interesting Apps appear in the Apple store -- One assumes Apple have relaxed some of their constraints on developers.  Until recently an email client would not be permitted, but now we have the GMail native App.  And here comes Switches+, again something that would not have made it past the app police!

Switches+ is available in the App store for £0.69, $0.99 and is worth the small purchase.

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