In the world of file sync'ing there are many players.  Obviously thinking there is a gap in the market, along comes LogMeIn with Cubby.  Still in beta testing but slowly opening up to more users.

I was lucky enough to get in quite early and give it a spin.

If we are to believe everything we read then Cloud computing and storage is the only option.  I have to say I am less convinced and have blogged on the topic before, asking if Cloud computing is really possible?  While the technology is great, the connectivity is not fast enough yet.

What I am however sold on is the Cloud Sync'ing options.  Many of us use a variety of devices and the Cloud offers a great opportunity to keep them all in sync.  The idea is simple -- files continue to be stored on your local device, but a copy is held in the Cloud and auto downloaded to any of your other devices.  The market it becoming quite mature with some serious players -- Dropbox, SugarSync, Box (previously, Zumodrive to name but a few.  Apple have iCloud but are new to the game.  Microsoft have Windows Live Mesh (formerly known as Live Mesh, Windows Live Sync, and Windows Live FolderShare) but seem lost with it.  Ubuntu have Ubuntu Cloud. Google are rumoured to be launching the GDrive very soon.

And now Cubby.

If you have used any other sync'ing service you will be immediately comfortable.  The basics are there.  Files placed in your Cubby folder are uploaded to the Cloud and downloaded to any other connected devices. The files are also available on the web, should you not be at one of your devices.  Unlike some other services Cubby allows multiple 'Cubbies' -- these are simply other folders on your device.  So rather than only syncing anything under the default Cubby folder, you can make any folder a Cubby and it will auto-sync; a nice touch.  Files and folders can be shared with other users, via a web link.

The most interesting feature is peer-to-peer sync'ing -- rather than a Cubby being uploaded to the Cloud it simply communicates with the devices directly and nothing is stored on the Cloud space.  It's a great concept for those who don't want particular files in the Cloud but want their files in sync.  The only draw back is that both devices need to be powered up and online at the same time for them to sync.  If one is off, it will catchup next time both are on.  Putting that issue aside, peer-to-peer sync'ing is a winner.

It's early days for Cubby but it has great promise.  The web interface is very basic and beyond downloading files there is very little else available.  You can not for example move files around; rename them; download a folder.... These things will come in time I am sure.

Cubby is available for Windows and Mac computers; iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

As mentioned earlier, Cubby is in beta.  No pricing has been announced as yet, however it would appear from their press releases and web site that the first 5Gb is free.

Sign up for a Cubby account and join the waiting list.

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