Occasionally you find an amazingly little app that is just brilliant; Clip Better is one of those.

In future when you are emailing a link to a web page don't just copy the web address, include other useful information for the recipient.

I find myself often sending web links and up until now it was simply a case of copying the web address and pasting it into the body of the email. Clip Better takes the process to the next level by including an image and a brief synopsis of the page you are sending.

It works best as a Google Chrome extension. Generally I'm not a fan of extensions as I am often suspicious about what they may be doing in the background. Clip Better requires no permissions so I am comfortable with it.

Once the extension is installed a small 'C' icon appears top-right of Chrome. Simply visit the web page you wish to share and click the Clip Better icon.

Example of Clip Better

Example of Clip Better

The extension produces a great little summary. Click the button to compose a new GMail with the clip. Alternatively click 'Copy' and jump into your favourite email service to paste the Clip. Job done :-)

The clip does include a little branding at the foot of the synopsis however you can delete the line if you wish.

If Chrome is not your browser of choice there is a simple method to install Clip Better as a Bookmarklet for most browsers. There is also an iOS app.

If you don't wish to install anything you can send an email to with a web address in the body. The service will return an email with the preview of the link; you can then forward it in a new email.

You may not use it every day, but you will use it.

Find out all about Clip Better at

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