Almost four months after Microsoft announced the Surface, the price has leaked  for the RT version of the tablet device.

Microsoft briefly published the pricing on its own on-line store, but quickly pulled it.

The on-line store confirmed the 10.6-inch Surface RT will contain 32 GB or 64 GB of storage and be priced at $499 and $599.  The Touch Cover will retail for $119.99 and the Type Cover for £129.99.  A 32 GB version with a Touch Cover included will be offered for $599. The 64 GB version ships with a Touch Cover.

Prices as shown on the Microsoft web site

No hint at UK pricing, but we can probably simply change the $ to a £.

The Surface RT will go on sale on 26th October 2012, the same day as Windows 8 is released.  There are no details to say if the Surface launch date is USA only, and no firm date for the launch of the Intel processor version of the Surface.

I wonder how many people will be dragged into the frenzy(!) and purchase the RT version only to realise it will not run their normal Windows Applications?!

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