Another week another Social Network site launches.  This time it's, who tout themselves as the anti-facebook site.  Today it opened the doors to the first round of beta testers and I was lucky enough to get an invitation to the launch.

Unthink received (US) $2.5 million funding for the project and aims to be more open and put you in complete control of your data.

The CEO, Natasha Dedis, claims the idea came from reading the terms and conditions associated with Facebook and the realisation that the control of your data was very much in their hands.

I would like to write more on my initial thoughts on unthink however their servers have buckled under the pressure. The servers are either refusing connections or erroring....

This does not give you a warm and cosy feeling if a controlled launch caused the system to collapse.

Is there room for yet another Social Network?  Facebook has 800 million users; Google+ want a piece of the action and Diaspora* is fighting for the fall out.  Where will Unthink sit?

I'm looking forward to seeing Unthink as the concepts are interesting!

UPDATE ....and now the review

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