As Google+ becomes more popular you find yourself needing to search for content -- perhaps to see if anyone is publicly commenting on a topic you are interested in.

Until now I have been using the Google+ Search (, however today I stumbled across an excellent post from Bill Handy allowing you to add a custom Search Engine directly to Chrome.


You are not really adding a new engine, simply using Google with a few parameters to narrow the search to the Google+ site.  Still a fabulous find in my view.

  • Within Chrome click on the Spanner icon, top right, then Preferences
  • In the 'Basics' tab click 'Manage Search Engines'
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list and complete the three boxes as follows:

Search Engine: Google+ Keyword: G+ URL: {google:baseURL}search? inurl:posts/* %s

  • Press Return then close down the preferences.

Now, goto the Location bar, type g+, press the tab key and type your query.

Press Return and you will contain your search to Google+ public content  :-)

(If you prefer, you can make the Keyword G+ anything you wish to type in the location bar before you press the tab key)

I used release 12 of Chrome to do this; earlier versions have the 'Manage Search Engines' in a slightly different location in 'Preferences' but the essence is the same.

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