Nexus7On 24 July 2013 Google unveiled their latest model of the Nexus 7 Android tablet. Since then there has been a great deal of speculation as to when it will start shipping in the UK. Today was the day.

For anyone who had registered an interests in the device, there was an email this morning inviting you to order. It's not an exclusive process and anyone can order from the Play store today.

The revised Nexus 7 is basically a hardware refresh. The processor has been super-charged, the screen has been enhanced and battery life slightly improved. There is now a rear-facing camera to compliment the front facing of its previous incarnation, and stereo speakers.

It's also slightly slimmer and lighter. Full details of the specification updates are below. The new nexus 7 is available to order now in the Google Play store for UK, France, Germany and Spain.

The device shipped to the US in July. Current pricing is £199 for the 16Gb version and £239 fo 32Gb, both Wifi only models. In other news, Google also announced a price reduction on the Nexus 4 Android phone -- fuelling speculation that a new Nexus 4 will arrive soon.

Nexus 7 specs    


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