The race between Facebook and Google+ continues unabated, even if it does seem to be rather one-sided at the moment.

When Google+ launched its invitation only service we got the chance to see what ideas Google had to blow away the competition.  However since then there has been relatively little movement.  A poor mobile app was launched for the iPhone and Android devices; small cosmetic tweaks to the web interface; importing of contacts; better (or worse) live stream displaying..... all nice, but relatively small changes.

By contrast Facebook has been in full attack mode and blatantly copied the best parts of Google+ and very quickly incorporated these into its own web app.

Today comes the announcement of the 'Subscribe' button, being rolled out in the coming days.

Subscribe allows you to follow anyone without actually becoming a Friend in the Facebook sense.  You may also decide how much detail you receive from a subscription.  On the reverse of this feature, you decide how much information is available to subscribers.  If you have used Google+ it's basically Circles (anyone can add you to their circle and they see your public posts only).

Facebook have recently fired out video calling, user lists, and given you the option of who sees each of your posts.  All of these directly compare to features in Google+.

Google either need to pull a serious update out of the bag soon or risk Facebook running unhindered -- let's face it, better the devil you know sometimes.

Equally, Facebook should take care -- introducing so many changes could alienate and confuse current users.


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