After what seems like years of promising, the UK mobile network O2 has finally launched a Pocket WiFi hotspot device utilising its mobile data network.

The pocket-size Wifi device is more commonly known as a 'MiFi'.  It simply acts as a wireless router allowing any WiFi device to connect to it.  The MiFi then makes a data connection out onto the internet using the O2 mobile data network.  Up to 5 WiFi devices can be connected to the MiFi at any one time.

The device is currently only available on a Pay As You Go connection, meaning there is an upfront cost of £60 to buy it then you add data packages.  1Gb costs roughly £10 and 2Gb costs £15, each to be used within 30 days.  You simply continue to top us as needed.  Every third data top-up currently gets doubled.

This is a late entry into MiFi technology for O2 -- Three in the UK have been offering the Three MiFi for some time with far more competitive pricing, especially if you agree to an 18 or 24 month contract which can give you 15Gb of data for around £15 per month.

It seems odd that O2 are only offering this on PayAsYoGo but I'm sure this will change as demand grows.

I've had personal experience of the Three MiFi and find it an amazingly little device.

Remember to check for good data coverage before buying from a network!

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