O2 logoToday is the turn of O2 customers to suffer from a mobile network outage in the UK.

Only yesterday I reported on the complete failure of the GiffGaff mobile service -- a virtual network hanging off O2.

O2 customers across the UK have been reporting problems with calls and text and no signal at all in some areas.  Many O2 customers are unaffected.

The most recent statement on the O2 Status page reads:

Some customers may be experiencing difficulties using their mobile phone at the moment. We’re working to fix the problem. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Telefónica UK Limited, who trade as O2 in the UK, acknowledged the incident at 10:45am. Eight hours later the problem remains unresolved.

O2 failure

O2 have provided no word on the cause or the number of users affected.

Giffgaff continue to experience some issues with their network, as does Tesco Mobile -- both are virtual networks renting space on the O2 service.

In July 2012 O2 customers in the tens of thousands suffered a 17 hour loss of service and in October of the same year around two million had a few hours of down-time.

In May 2013 O2 reported 12.15 million contract customers and 10.76 million pre-pay (PAYG) subscribers, representing a total of 22.9 million subscribers. Turnover was in the region of £6bn for 2012.


At 11:45pm, thirteen hours after the problems started, O2 posted an update to confirm the issue was resolved. They also offered this explanation:

On Thursday 3rd October, around 1% of O2 customers experienced some difficulty making and receiving calls and texts, or using data. This was the result of unexpected congestion caused during routine upgrade work on our 2G and 3G networks. The problems were intermittent and resolved in a matter of hours. We apologise to those customers affected and would like to thank them for their patience. As we rollout our nationwide 4G network, we are upgrading our 2G and 3G service to reach 98% of the UK population both indoors and outdoors. Our customers can keep up to date with our progress by visiting our Network page on our website.

I think the 'resolved it a matter of hours' comment is a bit of a stretch!

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