Hot on the heals of the Windows 8 announcement there are snippets of information trickling out which make for interesting reading.  You know, the stuff they don't announce at the press conference but is important to the user!

One which caught my attention was the lack of plugin-ins for the Metro edition of Windows 8 -- for tablets and mobile devices.

Dean Hachamovitch wrote that Internet Explorer  10 on the Metro version will not support plug-ins as this "improves battery life as well as security, reliability and privacy for consumers."

How many years have Apple been saying this to the world?  Microsoft have finally realised!

What this does mean is no support for Adobe Flash, preferring to fully support HTML 5 standard for the web experience on the Metro.  They (MS) will continue to support Adobe Flash and other plug-ins on the desktop version of Internet Explorer 10.

The writing is on the wall for Flash I think.

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