It was  big day for Google as it opened its online Google Play store to sell the Nexus 4 and 10.

There was no official announcement on what time users would be able to flex their plastic, however there were ample rumours.

Initial rumours suggested the selling-fest would start at midnight (Pacific Time) at all locations, however Australia seemed to launch much earlier and the UK was widely reported to open at 8am.

From my own experience I can say the "Add to Cart" button appeared at 8:15am.  The Google Play servers buckled under the number of refreshes from eager fans and error messages were aplenty.  I was perhaps lucky and after a few failed attempted was able to force one into my cart and complete the payment process quickly.

It would appear the 16Gb version of the Nexus 4 sold out by 8:32am, when the screen changed to "Coming Soon".  The same message appeared for the 8Gb variety at 8:45am.  Basically there was a 30 minute window in the UK to get the Nexus 4.

No word from Google on how many they sold, nor when new stock is expected; Australia had a similar experience.

As at the time of writing all versions of the Nexus 10 remain in stock (7 hours on).

There were plenty of people venting their frustrations about the process.  Unusually for most new devices, Google opted not to allow pre-orders. You could pre-register your interest, as I did, however the notification email arrived after the sell out.

Others were surprised that Google's store, one of the worlds largest internet companies, buckled under pressure.

Also today, Google Music launched in several countries including the  UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

What was your experience?  Were you lucky?  How did other countries fare?

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