Nexus 4 It has been seven full days since my Nexus 4 arrived and the inevitable review is upon us.

Rather than do I generic write-up I wanted to spend some real-world time with the device before blogging.

I count myself as very lucky to have ordered it on launch day (morning) and have it in my hand the following morning -- I know some people waited much longer.

There have been so many reviews of the Google phone and there is little point in me adding to the generic stuff; I too could have fired off several paragraphs five minutes after opening the box.  In fact I never even made an unboxing video -- does that make me a failure?!  I don't understand the purpose of those videos.  Equally the tear-down or blender ones!

First of all let's consider the negatives:

  • The phone was to be the first to support Android Jelly Bean 4.2.  I was not quick enough to check the version but during setup there was nothing to suggest 4.2.  As soon as I was registered the phone informed me of an Android update and downloaded it.  One reboot later it was very obviously different and I was indeed now on version 4.2.  So it would appear my phone had shipped with 4.1.
  • During the setup it asked if I wished to recover from a backup (previous phone, Galaxy Nexus S).  I said yes.  This was the first time I had actually used the process and I was disappointed on how much it missed.  All my apps came back, but the home screen was not rebuilt with the icons.  Perhaps most frustrating was none of my SMS text messages were recovered.  Similarly none of my photos from the camera.  I'm going to look into the recovery process in more detail, but for this article it is enough to say I felt let down.  I appreciate this is not a Nexus 4 problem, more Android.
  • My one and only true Nexus 4 gripe is, just like its predecessor the Galaxy Nexus S, the speaker is on the back of the phone.  If you put your phone down on a soft surface the speaker is covered and the sound much poorer.  I have missed several texts and phone calls because of this.  It's not the end of the world, but equally it is just wrong!

So on to the positives. For me these are simple:

  • Fast -- You just can't get away from the simple fact that it is so responsive.  The Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor will mean almost nothing to most people but it makes a huge impact, along with the 2GB of RAM.  Love it.
  • Battery life -- quoted as 390 hours in standby; 15 hours talk time...blah blah.  In the real world what did I get?  For the first few days I did not think it fair to measure battery life as I spent a lot of time playing with the phone.  I then tried to measure the battery based on my typical use once the novelty factor had worn off.  I got 2 days 19 hours and 41 minutes before it passed out.  I think this is excellent considering I had to charge my last phone every day without fail.  Your experience will vary but based on my usage I gained significant freedom from my charger!

There are many other positives on the phone but the two significant ones are speed and battery.  Yes, it's got a great 8 megapixel camera and sharp screen but so have many other phones.  The Photo Sphere feature is nice, but I think is a gimmick for most.

To quickly touch on wireless charging-- a nice idea, but I would have liked it to ship with a wireless charger, or at least offer me the option to purchase one.  There's almost no detail on what 'generic' chargers will work with it. Apparently it is compatible with the Qi Wireless charging standard but that took a little digging around to find.

Overall, the Google Nexus 4 phone is an absolute joy to use and great value for money.

For those interested....for almost 5 years I was an iPhone fan but here is where I moved to Android


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