With the recent launch of the Jelly Bean version of Android also came the decision by Adobe to stop supporting Flash on the mobile operating system.  Many people suddenly realised that the hugely successful BBC iPlayer would not run as it requires Flash.  Today the BBC confirmed a new player is on the way.

The BBC confirmed in a blog post that it will launch a new iPlayer for Android next week.

The blog post reaffirms their commitment to the Andorid platform and explains the difficulties they faced in supporting multiple versions of Andorid on different devices.  Interestingly the Ginger Bread version of Andorid is still the most popular O/S.

Although the BBC are dropping Adobe Flash, their new offering will be based on Adobe Air along with their new in-house developed back end solution 'BBC Media Player', which appears to take responsibility for the streaming.

No information was available at the time of writing on whether the new Andorid App will support the recently announce iPlayer mobile download service allowing iPad/iPhone users to download content for offline viewing.

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