Today Microsoft issued a press release stating it has commenced proceedings against Comet Group PLC, one of the UKs largest electrical stores with 250 outlets.

Microsoft claim Comet has created and sold more than 94,000 sets of counterfeit Windows Vista and Windows XP recovery CDs.

Comet has defended the action saying it supplied buyers with the disks because manufacturers rarely bundle them with their PCs any more, and that it made them "on behalf of its customers".

"Comet firmly believes that it acted in the very best interests of its customers. It believes its customers had been adversely affected by the decision to stop supplying recovery disks with each new Microsoft Operating System-based computer. Accordingly, Comet is satisfied that it has a good defence to the claim and will defend its position vigorously."

Both parties are choosing their words very carefully -- Where as Microsoft claim Comet are selling the CDs, Comet seem to imply they are making copies as a service on behalf of their customers, but have not commented on the phrase 'selling'.

In July 2010 Microsoft targeted around 25 smaller firms in the UK for installing illegally licensed copies of the Windows Operating System on PCs being sold to customers.  This is different from the charge against Comet, but an interesting twist in the battle against software piracy.

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