There has been much speculation of late, especially since new CEO Satya Nadella took over from Steve Ballmer, but today he confirmed the arrival of the Microsoft Office suite of apps for the Apple iPad.

The iPad version is expected to hit the Apple Apps store at 6pm UK time today. Details are thin on the ground.

The product will be free to download, however a subscription to Office 365 is required (Around £80 per year). Word, Excel and PowerPoint are confirmed but there was the notable absence of any mention of Outlook -- the email client.

There are no more details on the iPad Office app however I am sure it will come under intense examination when launched in a few hours.

Previously Ballmer had refused to entertain the idea of Office running on anything other than Windows Mobile devices, although an iPhone version is available with limited functionality. Satya Nadella clearly has other ideas!

There's a small video demo available via Richard Taylor's (BBC America) Tout page

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