Today Microsoft officially launch OneDrive, their latest offering in the cloud storage arena.

If you are quick they have some excellent offers available to increase your storage capacity.

OneDrive offers better integration with the MS Office suite but also comes with 'Apps' for Windows, iOS and Android devices.

OneDrive is basically SkyDrive -- however after a recent court battle with BSkyB over the use of the name 'Sky' Microsoft agreed to change the name. It's not the first name change so you may also have known it as Windows Live SkyDrive and Windows Live Folders.

Name change number four (aka OneDrive) comes with 7GB of storage, however Microsoft are offering 100GB free for one year to the first 100,000 people to sign up. I suspect that offer will be over very soon.

There's a number of other ways to increase your capacity:

  • 3 GB to users who connect their mobile camera uploads
  • 500 MB when you refer friends
  • 200 GB for two years for Surface buyers
  • 100 GB for Office 365 users.

Additional storage is also available to purchase.

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