It would appear Microsoft have conceded defeat and given up on the idea of creating their own YouTube app for the Windows Phone.

There has been a long running altercation between between Google and Microsoft on native support for YouTube.

Google opted not to build an official App for the Windows phone so the Redmond boys set about making their own to be embedded in the mobile phone operating system.

Shortly after the launch of the MS homegrown effort Google Towers fired off a letter from their lawyer demanding the immediate removal of the App. Google cited violations of the YouTube API terms of service; specifically that the Microsoft engineered App circumvented adverts and copy protection, allowing Windows phone users to save videos to their device.

Microsoft claimed that Google refused to work with them to develop an app on a par with other platforms. The App was pulled a week later. The two bickering businesses started working together to churn out an official app. Suddenly it all went pear shaped for a second time when MS produced another App -- Google blocked it.

Microsoft said:

Google's objections to our app are not only inconsistent with Google's own commitment of openness, but also involve requirements for a Windows Phone app that it doesn't impose on its own platform or Apple's

Yesterday Microsoft issued an update to the Windows mobile platform removing support for their YouTube App. When someone clicks on a YouTube link it will play within mobile Internet Explorer.

While the IE experience may allow you to watch a video, you miss all the rich interaction made possible with the App.

YouTube Web on a Windows Phone

YouTube Web on a Windows Phone

Callum Sneddon, a Windows phone user and avid YouTube viewer, expressed his disappointment at the reduced feature set:

Either you watch the video, or interact on the web page but not both. The YouTube experience generally is a huge backward step -- you don't even have a slider to move the video along to a specific time slot.

YouTube full screen on a Windows Phone

YouTube full screen on a Windows Phone

Quite why Google are being so awkward about developing a Windows mobile app is a mystery. Some have argued that Google are attempting to curtail progress of the Windows Phone in the marketplace.

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