After a run of ten years LogMeIn, the remote access service, is to terminate the free version of its offering.

Current free users will have seven days grace to move to the premium service.


A quote from their announcement read:

We will be unifying our portfolio of free and premium remote access products into a single offering.

A unique way of telling us the free version is gone!

Starting today, Free users will see a message when logging in to the website:

LogMeIn message advising of Free service termination

LogMeIn message advising of Free service termination

LogMeIn was one of a rare bunch of professional products offering a quality free service, with no adverts or nagging to upgrade. The Free service did lack some features however it was fully operational and reliable.

Those currently running the free version will have seven days grace to upgrade to premium with a 50% discount on the annual cost.

Users who purchased Ignition (the tablet/mobile version with the ability to access a remote computer from your mobile device) will only be able to access premium computers going forward. A special offer will be made available to them in order to upgrade their computers to premium.

Discounted rates for current free users are £29/year for a maximum of two computers; £79/year for five; £139/year for ten computers. Full price equivalents are £64, £164, £289.

For further details see their blog post on the termination of LogMeIn Free

LogMeIn also run Cubby, the Cloud Storage service, and, their online meeting tool.

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