I've blogged about LogMeIn Ignition in the past, and I stand by the review.  LogMeIn is an excellent app for the PC or Mac allowing you to control a device from a remote location.

Ignition was a great leap forward allowing you to control a remote PC/Mac from your iPad/iPhone.  It had a difficult price tag but I eventually caved and paid the price.

Now the people over at LogMeIn Inc have announced a free version - yes that's right folks, you now get a free version for the iPad/iPhone.  This coupled with the free version of the LogMeIn host software makes a great suite of tools.

There's now very little reason to purchase Ignition, and one does wonder how long they will continue to maintain it.  Ignition does now offer HD viewing and the ability to download files to your iPad/iPhone.  However, for most people you simply need a remote tool that allows you to quickly control a remote device for a few minutes to check something -- I seriously doubt you would spend long periods of time on the iPad/iPhone version, let alone be interested in HD quality!

The free LogMeIn App is available in the iTunes Store

As a side note, in the earlier post I mentioned how bad the GoToMyPC app was for the iPad; especially the mouse control.  I am pleased to report they have resolved this issue and it is now a worthy app too.

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