I finally gave in and purchased LogMeIn ignition for my iPad.  There, I said it!

I've been a huge fan of LogMeIn for years -- you have the ability to take over your PC/Mac from any other PC/Mac regardless of location.  Sitting in the office I  have full access to my home PC, or at home I can connect to my parents PC and help them out with the latest problem!  There are several 'Remote Control' vendors and I have tried them all, but I've always stuck with LogMeIn for my personal use.

With the rise in tablet computing/smart phones each of the vendors jumped on board and started to offer Remote Control on smart devices.  In theory, sitting on the train I could connect to my home/work PC using my iPad.  To be honest I never gave it too much thought, nor felt while travelling that I desperately needed to access my home devices.  If it is urgent I usually have access to another PC at a friends house, the office, or internet cafe.

Of course curiosity got the better and I needed to try out this new technology.  The annoying thing is that the Apple App store does not allow you try before you buy and LogMeIn Ignition (the iPad/iPhone app) would be the most expensive iPad App I had ever purchased (UK £21, US $34).  I just didn't see the value, and what if I didn't like it?  My only option was to try other solutions.

Without going into much detail I tried GotoMyPC, TeamViewer and a few others.  The first two are from reputable vendors and are good competition for LogMeIn.  In fact we use GotoMyPC in the office on about 60 devices and it is a huge hit with the staff.

Overall GotoMyPC was good -- the smart device App is free (but you do pay handsomely for PC licenses).  I really struggled with the mouse;  the pointer always appears directly under your finger tip so you can't actually see it.  Annoying when you are clicking on a menu!  It also had problems with dual screen -- flicking to a second screen often caused problems. The mouse issue was a big problem for me so I gave up.  I'm actually very disappointed in GotoMyPC; they were very late to the market with the mobile App so you think they would get it right by checking the competition.

TeamViewer had a much better approach to mouse movement and is similar to LogMeIn (see later).  The App is free, as it the software to install on the PC.  However you get an annoying pop-up every time you use it reminding you it is free and a commercial version is available.  The costs for a paid version is not geared towards home use (£439 for one device; it's a one-off cost but still not within the budget of a home user, nor perhaps a small corporate!)

That was a few months ago!  I simply lost interest and would not pay for LogMeIn ignition.  Until Today!  For a limited period they have cut the cost by 50% for a 'back to School' offer.  No idea what school season or country, but who cares!  I immediately paid my £10 and some small change and downloaded the app.

One word -- Awesome.

I've seen the others, but this really is the top dog.  They have everything just spot on; which is amazing considering they came to the market as one of the first so had no one to learn from.

Unlike GoToMyPC I don't need three different logins to get to my PC (just two, and I can save them if I like).  Mouse control is phenomenal.  You can either move the mouse from anywhere on the screen, or have a small mouse image and a pointer above it, which you drag around.  The first option sounds strange but is amazingly intuitive.  Put your finger-tip anywhere on the screen and the mouse pointer will follow it, relative to where it was.  Clicking with a single or double tap to the screen.  File transfer is great too -- up/download files to/from your PC/smart device.  Dual screens are also handled well.

LogMeIn for the PC/Mac comes free or chargeable -- compare the versions here.  The free service is amazing and I have used it for years without issue.  They now get some cash out me but it's worth it.

I'm struggling to find a negative for LogMeIn Ignition -- the £10 price is great for home users; when it doubles again it becomes less attractive.  For corporates this is an easy sell!

Truth be told regardless of what the various Remote Access vendors might have you believe, I doubt you could take over your PC remotely and do any serious work for long periods on your tablet, however if you quickly need to fix a problem; read and reply to an email; upload a file; check a document, this is definitely for you.

LogMeIn Ignition is available for iPhone/iPad in the App store, various Andriod and Windows tablets/smart phones.

UPDATE -- there is an update to this article here

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