Social NotworkingI've  had  a few attempts at LinkedIn over the past few years, but I have never really found it sitting well in my digital head.  I'm a bit of a Facebook fan and I see FB as a great way to keep in touch with friends.  I keep my list of friends to a manageable size, whereas the teenage fraternity seem to think it is all in the numbers; how many friends are on your FB?!

I see LinkedIn as the professional Facebook -- in fact we are encouraged at work to have a LinkedIn profile.

Having had various stabs at LinkedIn in the past, I was determined to give it more of a chance this time around.  I created my profile (previous ones having been removed); sought out some key contacts and gave it a few days 'to see what happens'.  As has always happened in the past I get bombarded by people trying to Link-In with me.  Not one of them are my peers within my profession, but instead are that special group of people we refer to as 'salesmen'.  "Here we go again", I thought to myself.

Currently I get at least ten calls a day from salesmen trying to sell me the next big thing.  Our switchboard are great at keeping most of them away from me and I am very selective about who gets my direct dial number.  LinkedIn has just opened up a whole new way to harass me.

Ignoring all the requested to link with me, I decide to join a few LinkedIn Groups related to my profession.  I also take it a step further and post a question on the group.  So what happens next....

Another array of salesmen comment on my post, trying to sell me something.  I was NOT looking for a sale, I was simply asking how others manage disk space in a large corporate environment.

Not one of my peers has replied in the last seven days.

I decide to read some of the posts on various groups -- there is a clear pattern emerging --  selling something by posting a carefully crafted question..."Just wondering what your plans are for migrating to Windows 7 in the coming year".  Yeah, right?  Like I can not see though that one?!  The other LinkedIn constant is people job hunting..."Anyone looking for a six year qualified......?"

So once again I conclude -- LinkedIn is a salesman's Facebook or a Jobseeking tool.  Does a social networking tool exist for me to network with my peers?  My quest continues and LinkedIn falls into the Social Notworking category!

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