iPhone 5SA few days ago Apple announced they had sold over 9 million devices during the first weekend of iPhone 5S and 5C sales. This is a number any manufacturer would be pleased with, even with the apparent lack of 5S availability.


Rumours abound that the 5S was far more popular however Apple did not release a breakdown. We now have independent figures backing up the speculation.


Localytics, based in Massachusetts, has a keen eye for mobile data and analysis. They have been analysing the distribution of the new iPhone 5 devices in the first 72 hours after launch.

Each country had a ratio of 3:1 split between the 5S and 5C, except for the UK which fell a little short. Here, we saw 69% of sales were for the iPhone 5S - the global average was 78%.

Localitycs Stats

It would seem the 5C is not as popular as Apple would have expected. In the build up to the launch of the devices it was assumed the 5C would be more cost effective (cheaper!), however it is roughly £80 less that the 5S and is far for the price difference everyone expected.

The full findings are available on the Localytics blog, where they note "China Leads the Pack in Preference For iPhone 5s Over 5c"

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