At Apple's October 2013 Keynote today we saw announcements for new iPads, Mac Pro and a few software refreshes.

There were also a few surprises, both good and odd.

Everyone expected an iPad refresh. The current iPad mini is complimented with a new iPad mini with Retina display.

The current iPad 2 now has the new iPad Air to compete with. As the name suggests the Air is thinner, 20% slimmer and 28% lighter, weighing less than 0.5kg. The Air also features a Retina display and will be available from 1 November starting at £399 for the 16Gb model. Full iPad Air pricing on the Apple store.

Perhaps most surprising of all is the lack of TouchID (fingerprint sensor) on the new iPad range.

So we now have four iPads in the range:

The complete iPad range

The complete iPad range

The Mac OSX operating system also gets an update, with most of the detail as per Apple's previous announcements on this. The surprise to many is that it is available from today, and is free to all users of compatible devices. Apple have been gradually cutting the costs of operating system upgrades but this 'free of charge' announcement was not predicted.

Full details of OS X Mavericks on the Apple site, with the download available now in the App store.

iWorks software also received a face lift, and the Mac Pro had some under the hood hardware updates (available in December).

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