ios7 logoThe day has arrived; today Apple release their biggest redesign of the mobile operating system since the launch of the first iPhone.

iOS7 will be available in the UK from 6pm, and is a free download.  However, not all features are available to all devices.

Some may disagree, but the redesign of iOS7 is bold, yet subtle. It has been described as 'flatter'; the core colour scheme has changed and the font size and style has been adjusted. All the individual tweaks are minor however it will amount to a different experience for iOS users.  It could be argued that none of this is terribly exciting or innovative, but iOS was badly in need of a face lift, if for no other reason that to keep it fresh. There are some technical changes behind the scenes on iOS7 -- such as 64bit operating system -- but the average user will be oblivious to this.

Apple have a page of what is new in iOS7. ios7 Example

As is often the way, several of the more advanced (or processor intensive) features will not be available to older phones. The new Burst and Slo camera modes are exclusive to the iPhone 5 and above. Airdrop, the photo sharing facility, is again only for the 5 and above -- which seems odd!

iOS7 can be installed on the iPhone 4, 4S, 5; iPad 2;  iPad with Retina display; iPad mini; latest (5th gen)  iPod touch.

Apple's current phone is the iPhone 5 but in two days time they release the new 5S and 5C.  

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