I'm sure just about everyone who reads any kind of IT press would not have failed to realised that iOS5, the latest operating system for Apple mobile devices, launched yesterday.

Apple in true style played their cards very close to their chest, and while everyone knew it would come on the 12 October no one knew what time.  Updates usually appear 9/10am California time and that is indeed when it happened.

Almost immediately the internet  went into overdrive as huge numbers of people attempted to download.  This is evidenced by statistics from LINX, the London Internet Exchange, which oversees traffic interchange between UK internet service providers and external sources.

Four a period of 4 hours from 6pm (UK) throughput rocketed by an additional 200 gigabits per second â equivalent to more than a fifth of normal traffic.  At one point LINX was processing 1.087 Tbps!  German Berlin Internet exchange reported huge additional demand too.

LINX say demand was greater than during the World Cup!

It does beg the question ..... Surely Apple would be better staggering the availability to suit time zones?  If Apple had released iOS5 at 9am in the UK we would have had about 9 hours to grab the update prior to America. This could have resulted in a more even spread of internet usage and alleviated many of the download/timeout problems people endured.  Equally Australia/New Zealand could have downloaded well before the UK.

The update of iOS now allows over-the-air updates of the operating system -- perhaps Apple will use this feature in future to stagger roll-out.

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