Apple's Mavericks OSX operating system hit the App store today. It may be a free upgrade but it does however weigh in at a rather hefty 5.30GBs.

If you have multiple Macs to update here's how to only download the installation once.

It's really quite simple. Download the installation once, copy it BEFORE installing and then use it again on another Mac.

  • Download the Maverick OSX upgrade via the App store, or via the link on the Apple OSX page
  • It's a big download, at 5.30GBs so be prepared for a bit of a wait.
  • As soon as the download is complete it will launch the installer.
  • Before doing anything else, with the installer still open, launch Finder and copy Install OS X from the main Applications folder to another area of the disk (Hold down the alt key while dragging the file to make a copy)
  • once copied, continue with the installation process that started earlier. At the end of installation the download will be deleted but you have a copy :-)

My installation took almost one hour.

I then copied the copy of the app to my other Mac using Airdrop and started the installation on it.

Job done -- only one massive internet download needed.

Enjoy Mavericks.

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