Instagram web profileInstagram, the long-time smartphone only app, has today grown a web interface.

Starting today and rolling out over the newt few days, all Instagram users will receive a web profile for their snaps.

Facebook recently acquired Instagram and since then everyone has expected a web interface to arrive.  It is perhaps no great surprise that the layout is similar to a Facebook timeline.  The top banner of the Instagram profile is reserved for a montage of your recent snaps. Then follows an inset photo (of yourself perhaps) along with the well-established  follower/following count.  The remaining space on the profile streams your photo collection allowing people to comment and 'favourite' images.

Anyone can view your images if your profile is public, however only pre-approved followers may see your work if the profile is private.

Currently profile security is all-or-nothing -- if someone can see your profile they see everything.

In announcing the new Instagram web profile they claim to have no plans to allow users to upload images via the web interface -- remaining focused on the mobile experience for uploading.

Instagram use mycookingdiary as an example to showcase the new feature.

The obvious next question -- where will the Facebook adverts appear on the page?

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