Instagram web profileInstagram, the photo sharing site, owned by Facebook has today updated its Terms and Conditions,  giving it the right to sell your photographs without your further consent.

The move has caused outrage from many Instagram users.

In April 2012 Facebook purchased Instagram for $1bn and since then there has been speculation on how Facebook will turn Instagram into a money making machine.  Now we have the answer.

The Instagram policy update allows your information, including images and device identifying  data, to be sold to their "business partners, which may include advertising partners".

The update also permits the sharing of  all your personal information with Facebook.

Users have until 16 January 2013 to delete their account, after which the data-sharing-fest begins and there is no opting out.

Undoubtedly there will be a legal challenge to this, however the move seems almost like a suicide tactic for the Instagram brand and perhaps Facebook too.

 UPDATE -- The guys at Instagram are trying to back-pedal over the public outcry.  It's an interesting read and very open to interpretation.  Read the Instagram blog post for more details

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